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10 Essential Woodworking Tools For Your Shop

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Woodworkers utilize many tools to create furniture, works of art, or other items. Professionals can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on high-end power tools and industrial-grade equipment for their craft.

If you’re a small-time woodworker like me, you’re in no position to spend a ton of money on tools, and really there’s no need to. A basic assortment of woodworking tools should be all you need to successfully build all sorts of items.

Here’s my list of 10 essential woodworking tools (power tools) to own for your shop.

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10 Essential Woodworking Tools

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The list below is what I consider to be the most often-used power tools in a small woodworking shop.

I’ve linked to several different retailers below as well for your convenience. If you’re looking to buy new woodworking tools, I encourage you to shop around as I’ve found that each item may sell for less at a different retailer.

Cordless Drill

I think most, if not all woodworkers, own a cordless drill (probably several) to use on various projects around the shop. Many projects require the use of pilot and pocket holes, and the cordless drill is the perfect tool for the job.

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Circular Saw

The circular saw, or Skilsaw, is a handy power tool to own in a workshop. Cutting boards and plywood is quick and easy thanks to the circular saw.

Jig Saw

If you need to make smaller, precision cuts and rounded cuts, the jig saw is the tool to get.

Miter Saw

The miter saw is a game-changer for any woodworking shop. This is a precision power tool that you can use to cut boards of all types with ease.

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Table Saw

You’ll want a table saw for ripping down boards and plywood lengthwise.

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Orbital Sander

Most woodworking projects require a good amount of sanding. The orbital sander makes quick work of this normally tedious task.

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Nail Gun

A nail gun, or nailer, is a tool that fastens two boards together quick and easy. These can be battery-operated or powered by compressed air.


The router is a versatile tool that provides finished edges, cutting and trimming capabilities, and more.


A jointer provides a flat surface along a side of a board. Once used, the board can then be transferred to a table saw to provide two flat sides. Finally, the board can be run through a planer.


A planer provides a consistent board thickness. Used in combination with a jointer and table saw, these tools create a square board for use in woodworking projects.

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