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BEHR Introduces The Microlon Roller Cover

BEHR Microlon Roller Cover

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I think most of you DIYers have painted at least a room in a house. Perhaps you’ve painted way more than just a room. Personally, I’ve painted several homes, completely inside and out.

There are several tools to use while painting walls… tools like the paint brush, the paint roller, and the paint pan. Using a paint roller makes the job of painting walls so much easier and quicker. Choosing the type of roller cover is an important consideration for any paint project.

BEHR has released a new microfiber paint roller: The Microlon roller cover. It features a 7/16-inch nap which is ideal for walls, ceilings, and floors with smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. Read on to learn about this new tool to use for your next painting project!

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Microlon Roller Cover Details

Microlon Roller Cover

BEHR® Microlon® rollers combine the high carrying capacity of a traditional microfiber roller and the ultra-smooth finish of a traditional woven roller. Specifically engineered to use with all paints and stains on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. Rollers are constructed with a double-thick polypropylene core that resists water, solvents, and cracking.



  • Roller Length: 9″
  • Nap Size: 7/16″
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber
  • Surface Type: Smooth & Semi-Smooth
  • Ideal Projects: Walls, Ceilings & Floors
  • Paint Type: All Paints & Stains

You can buy the new Microlon roller cover at The Home Depot. Head over to BEHR.com to learn more about how to use and clean these new roller covers.

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