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Conquer Laundry Mountain With The LG Twin Wash System

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In our house, there is a never-ending supply of laundry to be done (there’s three large laundry baskets in our washroom, but they always seem to overflow).

We have four kids, ranging from ten to two-years-old, and they all are quite active and at times quite messy! Our two-year-old seems to require at least one change of clothes during the day, but several changes isn’t unheard of.

Of course, at times daddy is equally to blame for the pile of laundry. Despite my best efforts to contain messes, my DIY projects usually do a number on my clothes. All of this activity keeps our washer and dryer going most of the day.

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LG Twin Wash System

Thus, when I first heard of the new LG Twin Wash system, it caught my attention immediately! With the LG Twin Wash system you get the best of both worlds.

For small loads that can’t wait (like us needing a load of our two-year-old’s onesies) there is the LG SideKick pedestal washer. My favorite part? You can even use it simultaneously while you do a bigger load up top on your LG Front load washer!

Not only do these washers have mega capacity to tackle any size load, they are energy efficient while giving you the best cleaning performance. With this, I’ll never have to wait around for clean project clothes, and our kids will have plenty of clean clothes for their new daily adventures around the house.

No wonder more households like us have chosen LG laundry over any other brand!

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