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DIY Candlesticks Made From Pallet Wood

White Pallet Wood Candlesticks

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Pallet wood is one of my favorite materials to work with. Used pallets are always available and are very inexpensive or even free.

In this article, I’m going to show you how I made several DIY candlesticks from pallet wood. I also used Rust-Oleum Chalked paint for the finish, then sanded the candlesticks afterward for a distressed look. These candlesticks were also featured on The Home Depot Blog.

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Tools, Supplies, PPE, and Steps

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Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint Linen White

Rust-Oleum Chalked Protective Topcoat

Gorilla Wood Glue

Gator 120 Grit Sanding Discs

Gator 220 Grit Sanding Discs

Gator 320 Grit Sanding Sponge

Pallet Wood


Personal Protective Equipment

Firm Grip Dura-Knit Gloves

RZ Mask Dust Mask

3M Safety Glasses

3M Earmuff

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Time needed: 6 hours.

How To Make DIY Candlesticks From Pallet Wood

  1. Pick the pallets and dismantle them. We’re only using the stringers, not the decking.

  2. Posts: Mill down the stringers into square posts and cut them at the desired lengths.

  3. Pedestals: Cut 5 1/2″ squares from the 1×6. You’ll need two per candlestick. Add a 30 degree bevel with your table saw.

  4. Sand all of the individual pieces.

  5. Add a bead of Gorilla wood glue, then attach the pedestals to the posts with your nail gun.

  6. Paint the assembled candlesticks with Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalked paint.

  7. (Optional) Sand the candlesticks down to the bare wood in random spots to add a distressed finish.

  8. Complete finishing by applying Rust-Oleum Chalked Protective Topcoat.

DIY Candlesticks From Pallet Wood

  • DIY Project Pallets
  • DIY Candlesticks Materials
  • Table Saw Blade Angle
  • DIY Candlesticks Ready For Assembly
  • Gluing The DIY Candlesticks

For this DIY candlesticks project, I didn’t use the decking on the pallets, just the stringers. The stringers make up the candlestick posts, and cut pieces from a 1×6 is used for the square pedestals. Save the decking for future projects!

These DIY candlesticks have square posts, and as you can see in the picture above, the stringers on these particular pallets have a decent thickness; they’re thicker than 2×4’s.


  • Using my table saw, I milled the candlestick posts down to 2 1/2” x 2 1/2″.
  • The square pedestals are 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. I used my table saw with a 30 degree tilt on the blade to create a bevel on the pedestals. (See photos above.)
  • The overall lengths of these candlesticks are 24″, 30″, and 36″. In order to achieve this overall length, you need to allow for the 3/4″ thickness of the top and bottom pedestals. Thus, the actual length of the posts themselves are 22 1/2″, 28 1/2″, and 34 1/2″.


I started off using 120 grit, followed up with 220 grit, then finished off the surfaces with 320 grit. My DIY candlesticks are smooth, but I still allowed for some rough saw marks to remain to add to the overall rustic look.

I then hand sanded all the way down to the wood in random spots after paint, which further gives them a great distressed look. I also kept any nail holes visible, but you may decide to fill them. The choice is yours!


The bottom pedestal bevel faces up; the top pedestal bevel faces down. Add a bead of glue to the center of both pedestals before attaching the post for a stronger hold.

Use your nail gun to fasten the pieces together. I used three nails in a triangle pattern on each side.


I used Rust-Oleum Natural Linen Chalked paint, which provides a nice, matte finish. After re-sanding as I mentioned above, I finished the candlesticks off with Rust-Oleum Chalked protective topcoat.

Enjoy Your DIY Candlesticks!

Distressed Rustic White Pallet Wood Candlesticks

I made two sets of 24″, 30″, and 36″ candlesticks from these materials. The candles we’re using are Lavish Home 3-Piece LED Flameless Votive Candle Set with Remote from The Home Depot.

These are actual wax candles with a LED “flame” that actually flickers! They give off such a relaxing, warm glow and also a light vanilla scent.

Do you plan to make some after reading this article? Please let me know in the comments! I’d love to read about your DIY experience.

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