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DIY Mudroom Bench Unit For Our Family Of Six

DIY Mudroom Bench

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When we bought our current home in 2015, the first change we made was installing new carpet. It’s been a great purchase for us, but we’ve had one regret.

I didn’t give much thought to the flooring area around the front door. The best thing to do would have been to put down hard flooring there, but I just had the installers lay the carpet wall-to-wall.

Over the years, despite our best efforts to prevent it, walking into the house has caused the carpet at the front door to be worn down and stained.

In addition, there’s been no great solution for shoe and coat storage; it’s all too easy for our four kids to toss shoes and coats off onto the floor as soon as they walk in.

I finally solved both of these problems by building our own custom DIY mudroom bench unit and laying down vinyl flooring at our entryway. Once again, The Home Depot had everything I needed to take on this project from start to finish.

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DIY Mudroom Bench Unit Reveal

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This project involved three main tasks:

  • Removing a large section of carpet/padding and installing LifeProof luxury vinyl plank flooring.
  • Taking down an old wall and installing new drywall. (You likely won’t need to do this for your project)
  • Building and finishing the custom DIY mudroom bench unit.

Please head over to The Home Depot blog for this full project reveal!

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