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DIY Project: Hide Unsightly TV Cables With Legrand


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Cords that visibly run down the wall is an issue that anyone with a flat screen TV has to deal with. I have seen people deal with this in various ways, from mounting and painting a conduit on the wall to run the cords through, to painting the cords themselves to match the wall color, or even hiring an electrician to install an outlet behind the TV.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way to hide those unsightly cords and cables… in fact, so easy that you could handle the project yourself? There is! The Legrand In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit.

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Legrand In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to run your TV cords behind the wall, so that they are completely out of sight and out of mind. Detailed instructions are also included in the box so you can get working on this project right away! With the Legrand In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit, you can easily route these cables with no electrical wiring required.

So how was my experience in using the Legrand In-Wall Cord & Cable Power Kit? Simply put, this is an easy DIY project that even my 9-year-old son could grasp. Legrand provides everything you need in the kit, and the detailed instructions are very helpful.

What I love the most is that once finished, this kit leaves a clean, professional look (should you choose to look at the new power grommets… after all, they’re hidden) worthy of the high dollar entertainment system setup that many homeowners no doubt have in their home.

You can watch me install the kit in the 5-minute YouTube video above.

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