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DIY Project: Refinishing Our Entertainment Center


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Refinishing furniture is a fun way to add new life to a living space in your home. It may require a lot of elbow grease, but the rewards are great when the refinishing job is completed!

For us, the fun started with choosing how to refinish our rather dull, brown entertainment center. We bought it at a yard sale and knew from the beginning that we wanted to change the look. It’s a solid wood unit and has a lot of great decorative moldings that we wanted to highlight in the finished look.

After my wife and I had an idea of what color/look would match our home, I went to DecoArt to choose my painting materials. DecoArt has a huge selection of high quality acrylic paints, craft supplies, and lots of great tutorials from crafting and design experts from all over.

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Tools, Supplies, and PPE

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Americana Decor Deep Brown Creme Wax

Americana Decor Clear Creme Wax

Liberty Hardware Davidson 2 1’2″ Pull

Gator 220 Grit Sand Sheet

Personal Protective Equipment

RZ Mask Dust Mask

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Refinishing The Entertainment Center

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After pulling off the old drawer pulls, I applied two coats of the chalky finish paint. We wanted a distressed look to this unit, so after the paint dried thoroughly, I used 200-grit sandpaper to sand down various random locations, all the way to the bare wood in some spots.

The idea is creating a random wear to the overall finished look. Then, on the sanded areas and the moldings, I applied the deep brown creme wax. The wax goes on with a brush or cloth, then should be buffed to the desired sheen as it dries. The deep brown really “antiques” the unit and makes the moldings pop against the white finish, while also providing a durable barrier of protection.

The dark wax will stain the underlying white paint, and that’s exactly the look I wanted. Otherwise you’d normally apply the clear wax over the paint before using the deep brown to avoid staining.

After applying the deep brown wax and waiting for that to dry, I applied the clear creme wax all over the rest of the unit.

Hardware Installation

We knew from the beginning the old hardware was NOT coming back, so Liberty Hardware was our destination for a new drawer pull search. They have been around since 1948, and they provide a huge selection of decorative and functional hardware products.

We chose the 2-1/2″ Davidson cup pull in the distressed oil rubbed bronze finish, and are very pleased at the high quality look and function.

Refinishing our entertainment center took me several hours, but the transformation turned out great. Refinishing furniture is truly a fun and rewarding DIY project to undertake! Please share your refinishing projects in the comment selection below!

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