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Earthwise Leaf Mulcher: A Gardener’s Dream

Leaf Mulcher

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October and November in northern Arkansas are usually great months to be outdoors. The temperature gets cooler which makes being outside pleasant. It’s amazing what oppressive heat and swarms of mosquitoes will do to your desire to work outdoors in the summer.

The fall colors are another reason why these months are so awesome. Of course, those spectacular colors eventually turn into a massive yard cleanup that can last for weeks.

Thankfully, even though we live in a rural town, it does provide a leaf vacuum service if you gather your leaves to the side of the road. That certainly is convenient, but giving those leaves away also means giving away great gardening compost.

Not anymore for us, now that I have discovered the Earthwise Leaf Mulcher and the Earthwise Gator Grabber. These are two awesome tools from the American Lawn & Mower Co. that make collecting and mulching leaves a manageable job.

Read on to see my experience with these tools.

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Earthwise Leaf Mulcher

Earthwise Gator Grabber

Personal Protective Equipment

Firm Grip Leather Gloves

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Using The Earthwise Leaf Mulcher

  • Earthwise Leaf Mulcher
  • Ready To Use The Earthwise Leaf Mulcher
  • Operating the Earthwise Leaf Mulcher
  • Compost Pile


  • Corded electric mulcher with a powerful 13-amp power that is comparable to a gas leaf mulcher.
  • 55 gal/min mulching capacity with 16:1 mulching ratio.
  • Leaf shredder with a 19 in. funnel opening with 13 in. bladeless cutting diameter.
  • 3 mulching settings to suit the leaf debris that is being processed.
  • Includes 4 clips for easy bag attachment and removal.
  • Features wheels and funnel handle for easy storage and transport in and around your yard.
  • Ideal for dry leaves; Not recommended for wet leaves, twigs, or branches.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Corded electric plug-in and requires no gas or oil resulting in no fumes or mess.


Assembling the Earthwise Leaf Mulcher was very easy; in less than 30 minutes I was ready to mulch leaves.

This machine doesn’t have blades but strings in a similar fashion as a weed eater. The “X” string configuration is more than enough to chop dry leaves up into little pieces.

You have to provide your own bags; I use 55-gallon yard bags. You’ll also need an extension cord. The steps to using the Earthwise leaf mulcher are quite simple:

  • Wrap the elastic band around the bag, around the bottom of the drum.
  • During use, the bag will fill up with leaf bits.
  • Remove the bag when it’s full.
  • Dump your pile of mulched leaves in your garden.
  • Reuse the same bag and reattach it to the mulcher.

That’s it! I was pleasantly surprised at how many leaves will fill up a 55-gallon bag once they’re chopped up into little pieces.

Buy A Gator Grabber Too!

  • Using the Earthwise Gator Grabber
  • Earthwise Gator Grabber

The Earthwise Gator Grabber is the perfect compliment to the leaf mulcher. Once you have your leaves piled up, you can grab a heap of them with its large poly-fiber jaws and dump them right into the Earthwise leaf mulcher.

Of course, the Gator Grabber is a great tool to have year-round to handle all sorts of yard debris. I particularly enjoy the fact that I no longer need to bend over to handle these yard chores.

Well, if you need me I’ll be out in the yard cleaning up leaves! Do you have a major fall yard clean-up like me? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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