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Earthwise 16-Inch Electric Tiller, Cultivator Review


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We’ve always had an interest in gardening and growing our own vegetables. However, for the past several years, with my wife and I working full-time jobs and caring for four kids, there never seemed to be time to care for a garden.

My how times have changed! We’re still very busy as usual, but the current world situation has motivated us to become more self-sufficient, especially regarding food. We don’t have a large yard but it’s big enough for a few garden plots, and over the past several weeks, that’s exactly what we created.

For now, we built our garden plots directly in the ground. In the future, I plan wrap the plots with wood for a more finished look.

Most people know this, but before you go and plant, it’s important to cultivate the soil. There’s never been a need for us to own a tiller, so I was a bit overwhelmed at just how many options there are out there. Here’s how we narrowed down our selection:

  • Because our garden plots are small, we didn’t need to purchase a large machine.
  • There’s pros and cons to owning corded equipment, but in this case, corded was the option for us.
  • This had to be a machine that we could order online.

After a few hours of researching tillers online, we chose to purchase the Earthwise 16-Inch 13.5 Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator from The Home Depot.

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Earthwise 16-Inch Electric Tiller, Cultivator


After using this tiller, I can pleasantly tell you – from my actual experience – that I love it. Yes, dealing with a cord can be a hassle, but having someone walk along with you to help with the cord makes it much easier to deal with.

In my opinion, the pluses far outweigh that minor inconvenience.

  • At around $135, you’re buying a lot of tiller for a great price.
  • This tiller easily ripped up the well-established grass roots in our yard.
  • Compared to large walk-behind tillers, this one is lightweight (approximately 30 lbs) and easy to move.
  • The wheels can flip up for tilling and flip back down for easy transport.
  • No gas means no fumes and no worrying about keeping gasoline around.

This Earthwise tiller also pulled up most rocks and stones. There were a few times when the tines got snagged on larger stones, but after shutting it down all I had to do is pull them out. We live in a rural county full of buried stones, so you’re probably not likely to hit as many as I did.

In short, this tiller is a great buy for homeowners like me who don’t need a large machine to get the job done. The Earthwise 16-Inch 13.5 Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator from The Home Depot is a great machine with a great price.

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