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Enbrighten LED Flex Light: Perfect Office Desk Accent

The Enbrighten LED Flex Light provides a blue accent for my desk.

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If you’re a blogger like me, you no doubt work at a desk from home. I consider my desk to be my “lab”. It’s the place where I take all of the components of an article, such as ideas, photos, and videos, and start the creative process on my laptop.

My shop is where much of the physical work happens, but my desk is home base. It’s important, then, for my desk to be a pleasant environment that encourages creativity and at times relaxation. Lighting plays a key role in this.

Many have found ways to incorporate accent lighting in addition to a simple lamp or ceiling light. The right accent lighting at a desk is a game changer. It truly elevates the work station into a haven. Speaking of the right accent lighting, I have found an awesome choice: The Enbrighten LED color-changing neon flex light, available at Lowe’s in-store and online.

Read on to learn about its many features and how simple it is to install.

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Tools, Supplies, and Steps


DEWALT Brushless Cordless Drill

Craftsman Phillips Screwdriver


Enbrighten LED Flex Light

1/16″ Drill Bit


Time needed: 15 minutes.

Enbrighten LED Flex Light Installation Steps

  1. Test everything first: Plug in the light and test the remote before installing.

  2. Mount the power supply in a convenient location next to an outlet.

  3. Pre-drill pilot holes and install mounting clips where the flex light will be run.

  4. Insert the flex light into the mounting clips.

  5. Plug into an outlet and enjoy!

Installing The Enbrighten LED Flex Light

  • Enbrighten LED Flex Light Unboxing
  • Testing The Enbrighten LED Flex Light
  • Enbrighten LED Flex Light Mounting Clip

Everything you need to install your light comes in the box, including the light, remote, mounting clips, and screws. The box also includes easy installation instructions, and as you can tell from my Steps above, there’s really no difficulty in adding this light to your home.

This 24′ light is also linkable, so if you need to, you can add more flex lights up to 144′.

Enbrighten LED Flex Light: Beauty and Versatility

Enbrighten LED Flex Accent Lighting

This light is so awesome that you’ll probably want to install more in other places, including outside. Go right ahead; the Enbrighten LED Flex Light is designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. They would look great, not only at your desk, but also as under-cabinet lighting, landscape accent lighting, balconies, and much more.

Put On A Show

As I mentioned in the Steps above, the box includes a wireless remote that allows you to turn the lights on and off, dim them, and also choose from a variety of colors. You can add effects as well:

  • Fade
  • Strobe
  • Pulse
  • Flash

My personal favorite effect is “fade”, which softly cycles through the different colors. If you prefer a stationary color, there’s 16 to choose from, so you’re bound to find a favorite.

Check out my Instagram video to see the fade in action!

A One-Time Buy

This light is commercial grade and includes a lifetime LED guarantee, which means it’s designed to provide lighting for life. There’s no bulbs to replace!

Are You Ready To Enhance Your Office Space?

Enbrighten LED Flex Light Box

The Enbrighten LED color-changing neon flex light is available at Lowe’s in-store and online. Illuminate your office environment today!

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