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Gas Range Installation For Our Kitchen Remodel

Gas Range

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A major part of our kitchen remodel was removing an old electric cooktop and replacing it with a gas range. Our kitchen had a separate vintage double oven but that stopped working a few years ago. I pulled that out, added a few shelves, and now store our toaster oven and microwave in its place.

Installing a gas range was way more involved than simply pulling out the double oven, but there were similarities. For instance, I needed to run all new electric because of the electric components in the range. I wanted to run new electric anyway because whoever wired this house in the 1970s did a terrible job.

Read on to see what I needed to do to install a new gas range in our kitchen.

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Gas Range Installation: Planning

Gas Range

One of the first things to do during the planning stage was to pick a range. We knew we wanted a gas range for several reasons. One of the main reasons was so we’d have access to cooking during power outages, which can happen frequently here during the Winter and Spring months.

Once we picked a range, I researched the specs, particularly the electrical and gas requirements, and the appliance dimensions. The dimensions are important because that will determine the spacing required in the kitchen cabinets.

Our Range Choice

We’ve owned GE appliances for years with no problems, so for our new range we chose the GE? 30″ Free-Standing Gas Range.

Other planning for us included making sure we had an LP conversion kit because we use propane in our home. Thankfully, our gas range included an LP conversion kit.

I used to work as an electrician, so running the new electric wouldn’t be a problem for me. However, I left the running of new gas lines and gas hookups to a licensed plumber. Getting estimates from several plumbers was obviously an important part of the planning stage so we would know what kind of costs we were dealing with.

Once all the details and specs were nailed down, demolition began, as you can see in the photo above.

Gas Range Installation: Demolition

Kitchen Remodel

First up in the renovation process was unhooking the cooktop electric and removing it. That was pretty simple because the cooktop was held in place by several clamps.

Once that was removed I determined where to make the cut in the countertop and cabinets based upon the oven specs and the existing cabinet drawers. Thankfully, I could make the needed cut without interfering with the other cabinet openings.

Once the sawing was carefully completed (through countertop, cabinet, and cabinet shelving), I could finally remove the cabinet components. Once the cabinet was gone, I determined where the new electrical outlet needed to be based upon the back of the gas range. The ideal location for outlet placement was about two feet above the floor, because the corresponding location on the back of the range has an inset for gas and electrical hookups.

This inset is great because any gas hookups and electrical cords wouldn’t prevent the range from sitting flush against the wall.

From there I needed to install a new side for the existing cabinet and a new 6″ section of cabinet spacing as shown in the photo above. I could have left that 6″ space open, but that’s a nice bit of counter space to have next to the range for cooking and such. I also repaired some holes in the drywall and painted the cabinets.

Final Touches

My final bit of renovation before installing the range was the backsplash. For that, I installed Aspect peel and stick tiles.

Once the backsplash was installed, the plumber could finally do his work. It took a few hours for him to run new gas lines, hook up the range, and install the new cooktop burners.

Admittedly, we probably did this range install out of proper sequence during this remodel but we needed it up and running ASAP! Cooking for a family of six on a camp stove in my shop has been fun but that’s not ideal!

I’m glad this part of our kitchen remodel is completed. Hopefully this article gave you some helpful ideas if you too are considering an upgrade to a new gas range.

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  1. I love that you got all the plans in place and ready before you actually started with the demolition. My partner and I want to renovate our kitchen and start adding in nice appliances like a gas range. I think that would be really great but we need to install a new gas line for that.

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