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Home Depot Curbside Pickup: My Experience

The Home Depot Curbside Pickup

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COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. The most terrible effect of the pandemic, of course, is the tragic loss of loved ones. At a minimum, our daily routines have been altered in many ways.

Instead of shopping in-store, many people order their groceries and other items online or via an app and opt for shipping, delivery, or curbside pickup service. Shipping and curbside pickup has become our go-to services in all the stores we shop at, including The Home Depot.

If you’re not familiar with curbside service, this article explains what it is along with my experience with The Home Depot curbside pickup.

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How To Use Curbside Pickup Service

The Home Depot Curbside Service

As you add items to your cart at HomeDepot.com, you’ll notice there’s three ways to receive your items: “store pickup” (or “ship to store” for pickup), “ship to home”, and “scheduled delivery”. The availability of each service depends upon the product and the store you’ve selected to shop from.

If you select “store pickup” or “ship to store”, you have the additional option of in-store or curbside pickup. The in-store option enables you to pick up your already pulled items at the customer service desk.

If you prefer not to go inside, select the curbside pickup service. All you have to do is park in a designated curbside parking spot at the front of the store during designated hours and let them know you’re ready and waiting to load up. You can do this by hitting the “On My Way” button in your order confirmation that was sent to your email address.

An employee will bring out your items and receipt right to your vehicle. Talk about convenience!

Shopping, checking out, and arranging for curbside pickup can also be handled via The Home Depot mobile app.

My Home Depot Curbside Experience

I’ve used Home Depot curbside pickup several times and am pleased with the service. There’s been a few times when I’ve had to exchange items that were brought to me because they were dented or slightly damaged, but that’s always been handled quickly right in the parking lot. Both times, the employee didn’t seem to pay close enough attention to the condition of the item when they grabbed it.

In my experience, the speed of the service will depend on how busy the store is. Not surprisingly, if you arrive for curbside pick-up while the store is very busy, you can expect to wait longer for your items vs. if you arrive first thing in the morning.

Overall, I highly recommend this very convenient pickup service. For more details, see their online and app order fulfillment information page.

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