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How To Build A Cardboard Box Drone Base

Cardboard Box Drone Base

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Our kids love to build things out of cardboard! Building crafts with cardboard is easy, fun, and usually very low cost, especially if you can get the cardboard for free.

Our kids are also homeschooled, and they enjoy school assignments that involve craft-building. We wanted to share our latest project with you: A cardboard box drone base!

This project is a great way for your kids to use their imagination and adds a new level of backyard fun. Be sure to watch my YouTube video below to see how we built it.

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Tools and Supplies

I’ve linked to several different retailers below for your convenience. I encourage you to shop around as I’ve found that each item may sell for less at a different retailer.


Gorilla Glue Mini Glue Gun w/ Glue Sticks

Carpenter Pencil


Gorilla Glue Kids Glue Stick

Gorilla Glue Kids School Glue


Builder’s Paper

Cardboard Boxes

Sheet of Paper

Cardboard Box Drone Base

As you can see in my video above, glue is an essential component to this project. My Gorilla Glue gun and glue sticks really helps to make cardboard box projects like these very simple.

We found some free boxes of various sizes to use for this project. Before gluing, tear the four flaps off the top of the boxes so they can sit flush on the sheet of craft paper.

Gorilla Glue also sent us some of their newly released school glue for kids to try out, and it works just as I expected: Awesome. I constantly use Gorilla Glue in my shop for all sorts of projects. Now my kids use it like daddy during school, and they love it!

Want to get your own Gorilla Glue? Visit their website to check out their impressive line of adhesives.

  • Cardboard Box Drone Base
  • Cardboard Box Drone Base
  • Cardboard Box Drone Base

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