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How To Use The Vestil Deluxe Pallet Buster

Vestil Deluxe Pallet Buster Pry Bar

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Having the right tool for the job is an absolute game changer. It makes the job so much easier and life, at least at the moment, so much better. I learned this lesson during years of working on jobsites and now as a full-time DIYer.

One of my favorite materials to work with is pallet wood. I love the rustic look and the fact that you don’t have to worry too much about cosmetic detail. After all, the wood is already scratched up and worn down! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that pallets are extremely cheap to come by or are even free.

However, in order to use pallet wood planks, one must first break down the pallet, which is no easy task. Pallets are typically built to last, as evidenced by the number of nails used to assemble them. There are several ways pallets can be disassembled, but they could lead to destroying the planks and, let’s be honest, it’s exhausting!

If you’re looking for the right tool for dismantling pallets, I have found one that works great! It’s the Vestil deluxe pallet buster. Read on to learn more about it and how to use it. This post is not sponsored; I bought this tool for my own personal use.

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What is the Vestil Deluxe Pallet Buster?

Vestil Deluxe Pallet Buster

The Vestil deluxe pallet buster is available at:


  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Handle Length: 41″
  • Overall Length: 45 1/8″
  • Overall Width: 6 1/2″
  • Handle Diameter: 1 1/4″

Simply put, the Vestil deluxe pallet buster, also known as a skid buster, is an industrial-grade pry bar utilized in construction and maintenance facilities to dismantle pallets. It is built by the Vestil Manufacturing Corporation which is an industry leader in the production and distribution of material handling equipment.

This beast of a tool is steel, heavy duty, and features a powder-coated finish. It’s designed with an articulating head to pry apart pallet boards while causing minimal or no damage. Of course, this can depend on the condition of the wood and how many nails were used to fasten it. It can also be used for breaking down decks, docks, and similar structures.

There’s also a standard version that features an integrated nail-puller. You can again find the standard model at Amazon and The Home Depot.

How to Use the Vestil Deluxe Pallet Buster

  • Dismantling A Pallet With The Vestil Deluxe Pallet Buster
  • The Vestil Deluxe Pallet Buster
  • Breaking Up Pallets With The Vestil Deluxe Pallet Buster

The Vestil deluxe pallet buster is a simple tool, and using it is just as simple. After you’ve laid the pallet on the ground, follow these steps:

  1. For the first plank, position the pallet buster in-between the top plank and the one that is facing down. Then pry up the top plank.
  2. For the rest of the planks, position the pallet buster on top of a pallet stringer and underneath a plank.
  3. Pry up one side of a pallet wood plank.
  4. Pry up the opposite side of the plank.
  5. Finish by prying up the middle of the plank.

The slideshow above shows this process in action. You can also watch me pry up a pallet wood plank in my Instagram Reel. This process will still require some elbow grease, but this pry bar makes the job much easier.

If you’re a DIYer like me and love building things with pallet wood, you will absolutely love working with this deluxe pallet buster. Buying this tool is a small investment which will increase productivity and decrease broken planks and the amount of labor normally needed for dismantling pallets.

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