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HYCHIKA DD18F Drill Driver Kit Review

HYCHIKA DD18F Drill Driver Kit

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The cordless drill is likely one of the most often used tools in a home. It’s great to have if you need to insert screws and bolts or to drill holes.

The HYCHIKA DD18F drill driver kit is an inexpensive option for homeowners looking to keep a drill on hand. I received this kit at no charge so I could thoroughly test it and afterward, share my findings with you. Here’s my experience with the HYCHIKA DD18F drill driver kit.

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Manufacturer Specs

HYCHIKA DD18F Drill Driver
  • 21+1 Clutch & 2 Variable Speeds: 21 torque settings and 2 variable adjustable speeds (0-400RPM, 0-1500RPM).
  • 3/8’’ Metal Chuck & Max 330 In-lb 35 Nm Torque
  • Built-In LED & Reverse Control
  • 1H Fast Charging
  • Ergonomic Design

What’s Included:

  • Drill/Driver
  • 20V 2.0ah Lithium Battery
  • Charger
  • Carrying Bag
  • (4) Spade Bits
  • (6) Metal Drill Bits
  • (7) Screwdriver Bits
  • (5) Sockets
  • Belt Buckle
  • User Manual

My HYCHIKA DD18F Drill Driver Kit Experience


The HYCHIKA DD18F Drill is similar in size and weight of the DEWALT ATOMIC cordless drill. It features an ergonomic design with a soft grip handle and is very comfortable to handle during use.

I’m constantly using cordless drills in my shop, so I was able to use this drill in several different applications. I used several types of drilling bits and tightened different screws and bolts. The drill performed well each and every time. The charger also performed as stated by the manufacturer.

It’s nice that several types of drill bits are included with the kit, such as spade bits, Phillips, and sockets. I would have liked to have seen flat bits included too; that seems like a basic option to provide. It’s a decent starter pack of bits, but you’ll eventually need to buy more of a selection.

Overall, I find this kit to be an inexpensive, yet solid choice for the DIYer who’s looking for a drill to handle various projects around the house.

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