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I Can’t Stop Adding Projects To Our Kitchen Renovation!

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Oh boy, we are up to our eyeballs in renovation! There were several things I wanted to tackle as part of my Jeffrey Court renovation challenge, but I keep finding more projects to handle! Might as well because once our awesome Jeffrey Court tile goes in, the opportunity to add/change things about the backsplash will be gone.

This week, our kitchen renovation had me wondering ‘what did I get myself into‘ a few times. I think we’ve all been there!

Week 3 for me is electrical work, drywall finishing, installing a pallet wood accent, and dust. Lots of dust. Let me tell you a little about these projects below.

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Week 3 Kitchen Renovation Projects

As I mentioned in week 2 of my Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge, we are a large family and shutting down the kitchen for this renovation is not an option. This week has been especially challenging on that front because the kitchen is completely torn apart.

On top of that, in preparation for my planned electrical work, I disconnected our current lighting, so my two photography lights are keeping things illuminated. I also removed all the old outlets above the countertops, so extension cords are everywhere.

Here’s my week 3 in a nutshell:


Uninstalling Florescent Lights

During demo, I removed the large, dated light fixture cover and trim. This week, I uninstalled the florescent lights and installed a new electrical box, center in the space, for the new chandelier to hang from.

Because this raised portion of the ceiling was hidden by the fixture cover, the drywall work wasn’t finished. So, I’ve spent lots of time trying to finish it with tape and joint compound, which is NOT my strong suit. And of course, sanding. Lots of sanding.

It’s been quite a challenge to keep the drywall dust under control. I have a sanding pad in one hand and a shop vac hose in the other, which helps, but there has still been a ton of dust to clean up afterward. Ugh, I can’t wait for this ceiling project to be finished.

Pallet Wood Trim

Installing a pallet wood accent in our kitchen.

Last week, I dismantled pallets and milled the wood planks in preparation for the kitchen renovation. This week I started the installation of the pallet wood above the cabinets. Each plank is glued and nailed on with my brad nailer.

Once they’re all installed, I’ll spackle the finish nail holes and paint the planks with my Wagner FLEXiO 3500 sprayer.

Electrical Work

Undercabinet Lighting Electrical Rough-In

This part of the renovation in particular keeps growing. Originally, I planned to run new wire for under cabinet lighting. With the backsplash and drywall above the countertops removed, it’s the best time to make any electrical changes.

Because of this, I also decided to remove the outlets which were not GFCI protected, the old wiring, and the old metal electrical boxes and install all new ones. That’s an additional three circuits. When I removed the drywall behind the range, I discovered that the range hood and the disposal are on the same circuit. So, I’m running a new line to the range hood.

In the midst of this, I also discovered that the fridge is on the same circuit as the countertop outlets. So, there’s another new line I need to run, to the fridge. I also found out the dining room fan and light were on that same countertops/fridge circuit.

Because I plan to add a pantry cabinet where the current dining room fan/light switches are, I found a new location for them. But this new location needs power. Also, in addition to this new switch location, I’ve added another new switch location for the kitchen lights.

New Kitchen Light Switch Location

  • New line run from the panel.
  • 1st switch leg to chandelier light.
  • 2nd switch leg to under cabinet lights.
  • 3rd switch leg to future can lights.
  • Jumper from this box to the new dining room fan/light switches.

New Dining Room Switch Location

  • Jumper run from new kitchen light switch location.
  • New 14-3 switch leg run to the dining room fan/light.

Oh yeah, because of the new kitchen switch location, a new switch leg needed to be run for the ceiling light. Yikes. I did not plan for all of this attic work!

Because there’s so much of it, electrical work will have to carry on into week 4. By the end of next week, I hope to have all of the electrical rough-in and ceiling work completed, and the concrete countertops refinished. I’d love to also have the backsplash concrete board installed but that will be really pushing it.

You can follow along as I post updates both here on the blog and on social media.

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