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Kitchen Demo Time: Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Kitchen Demo

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Week 2 of my 6-week Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge is complete! This week was demo work, which involved tearing out the existing backsplash and the drywall behind it.

I also removed the cabinet above the range and the drywall in preparation for the glass mosaic tile that will extend to the ceiling, and a wall-mounted range hood. Finally, I removed the large ceiling fixture cover in preparation for a new chandelier.

In addition to the demo, I dismantled several pallets and milled the wood planks. The pallet wood will be installed above the kitchen cabinets.

There wasn’t anything too terribly challenging with the demo except one thing: mess control. We are a family of six and it’s simply not possible to shut the kitchen down. I stopped multiple times during each step of the demo to vacuum and wipe down other surfaces around the kitchen. Yes, it was time consuming, but it made the clean-up process at the end of the day much easier.

I’ll talk more about each step below.

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Kitchen Demo Step 1: Removing The Existing Backsplash

  • Tearing out the drywall behind the range.
  • Using a Dewalt oscillating multi-tool to cut drywall.

You’ll notice right away that I completely removed the drywall along with the existing backsplash. Many people will tile right on drywall but I don’t have that option.

My existing backsplash was a peel-and-stick slate tile that looked nice, but over time the adhesion failed in many places. In the places that still held up, it was impossible to remove without damaging the drywall. Thus, I decided to remove the drywall with the tiles attached and install concrete board in its place.

I used a Dewalt oscillating multi-tool to cut a line, then removed the drywall. Using an oscillating multi-tool makes the process much easier and cleaner. Most of the time, the drywall comes out in convenient chunks.

Step 2: Wall-Mounted Range Hood Prep

  • Preparing the kitchen for a new glass mosaic tile backsplash.
  • Preparing the kitchen for a new glass mosaic tile backsplash.
  • Using a reciprocating saw to remove kitchen cabinets.

We’ll be installing a wall-mounted range hood that vents out the roof. The backsplash will go to the ceiling behind and on the side of the range.

In order to do this, I had to first remove the existing range hood and the kitchen cabinet above it. The wiring in this house is terrible so I’ll be running new wire for the wall-mounted hood.

I was surprised to find an existing hole in the ceiling and a metal duct already in place. The previous owners clearly had a range hood that vented out the roof but that was changed at some point.

My goals in this space are:

  • Put in concrete board.
  • Install the new glass mosaic tile.
  • Install the wall-mounted range hood.
  • Run the duct through a hole cut in the roof and install a roof cap.
  • Hook up electrical.

Step 3: Prepping The Ceiling

Ceiling Lights

Our existing ceiling lights give off great light but the cover is very dated. We’ve decided to remove the cover which exposes a neat opening in the ceiling.

I’ll change the electrical, cleaning up the drywall, add fresh paint, and install a new chandelier. We’d love to install recessed lighting as well but it looks like that will have to be a future project.

Kitchen Demo Step 4: Pallet Wood Wall Accent Prep

  • Stack Of Pallets
  • Pallet Wood Planks
  • Using A Jointer
  • Using A Table Saw
  • Planing Pallet Wood

I’ll be installing pallet wood as an accent above our kitchen cabinets, so this week I was also in the shop prepping the wood planks. Preparation involved:

  • Searching for the right pallet wood planks from my pallet wood reserve.
  • Dismantling the pallets.
  • Removing all nails.
  • Running the planks through a jointer.
  • Ripping the planks to the right size with a table saw.
  • Planing the planks.
  • Sanding.

I’ll install the planks with a nail gun, spackle all holes, then prime and paint them with my Wagner FLEXiO 3500 sprayer.

On to the next week! You can follow along as I post updates both here on the blog and on social media.

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