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My BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack Experience

BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack

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Space is a premium in my shop so I’m always on the lookout for a great storage solution. I recently purchased a BORA PBR-001 wood storage rack for my shop to deal with my longer boards and trim pieces.

In this article, I’ll talk about my installation experience and if this wall rack is a good buy.

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Why I Chose BORA

BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack Parts

Simply put, I’ve seen BORA products in many workshops on social media and, overall, their owners have been praised them. BORA sells several types of shop accessories, such as sawhorses, work stands, mobile bases, and more.

The BORA PBR-001 wood storage rack is my first purchase from this brand, and based on the reviews I’ve seen, I expect it to hold up well in my workshop. This rack is a low-profile storage solution which is exactly what I need because of limited floor space. It’s also available in a smaller 4-Level option.

The BORA PBR-001 6-Level wood storage rack is available at:

Installing The BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack

  • BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack Screw Installation
  • BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack Orange Bar Notch
  • BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack Assembled
  • BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack Vertical Bar Mount
  • BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack Installed


How to Install the BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack

  1. Prepare the wall for this wall rack installation. The recommended distance to support the designed weight capacity is 4-6 ft. For longer material or greater weight, multiple wood racks can be used. A suitable fastener size is 3″ length with a 1/4″ diameter (not included). Make sure that the wall rack will be secured to solid structural support such as wall studs.

  2. There is a small screw hole about 1/2″ from the bottom of the two long vertical bars. Insert a screw (included) there on both vertical bars.

  3. Slide an orange bar from the top of the vertical bar down to the bottom of the bar until it rests on the screw. Be sure the small notch in the orange bar sits on the screw.

  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each small screw hole on both vertical bars.

  5. Once both long vertical bars are loaded with the desired amount of orange bars, position the first vertical bar on the wall. Be sure to place the three spacers in between the vertical bar and the wall. Secure it with your fasteners.

  6. Repeat step 5 with the other vertical bar. Use a level to ensure that both rack ends are mounted at the same height.

Easy To Install and Versatile

In my opinion, the BORA PBR-001 wood storage rack is very easy to assemble and install. The included instructions are easy to grasp.

I love the versatility of this rack. For my wall rack, I chose to remove a section of shelving near the bottom to allow for more stacking space on the bottom shelf. You can also create alternative rack positions by drilling additional 5/32″ holes into the large vertical bars. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 110 lb. Total weight capacity is 660 lb.

According to the manual, there are at least three ways you can further customize your wall rack (see illustrations in the manual).

  1. For Outdoor Use: Weather protection of your materials can be achieved by creating a custom cover.
  2. Convenient Shelf: The bottom rack is easily converted to a shelf to store shorter pieces of material.
  3. Handy Hooks: If you mount your wood rack closer to the ceiling, the bottom rack can be customized to provide great locations for hooks to organize power cords or power tools.

Final Verdict

BORA PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack Installation

I am very pleased with my purchase. In fact, I plan to buy another wall rack so I can mount it above the one I own to increase the height of my storage. It is very customizable so you can choose the exact shelf spacing configuration that suits your stacking needs.

With a shelf depth of only 12 1/4″, this is the perfect low-profile storage solution for those who are looking to stack their lumber and trim up (or other items in the shop) off the floor and out of the way.

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