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New DEWALT TOUGHSERIES Hand Tools Coming Soon


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Anyone who’s worked in construction knows that tools take a beating every day, all day. I can’t tell you how many hand and power tools I needed to replace throughout the years. (My DEWALT drill once survived a 20ft. fall onto concrete though!)

Through trial and experience, construction workers know which brand tools to choose for durability. Klein Tools and DEWALT were my choices. If I were on the jobsite today, I would be excited about the new DEWALT TOUGHSERIES line of tools that are about to launch.

Check out the features of these new rugged tools below!

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The new DEWALT TOUGHSERIES lineup will feature three popular hand tools: tape measures, hammers, and screwdrivers. The tape measure is currently available at The Home Depot and Acme Tools. The new hammers and screwdrivers will be available in the fall of 2021.

Tape Measures


TOUGHSERIES™ tape measures are built to last and feature an ultra-rugged housing that survives a 100 ft. drop**, as well as a durable coating that protects the entire length of the blade, and a 6 in. Rip-Shield™ blade coating for improved hook connection and long life. The new TOUGHSERIES™ tape is the first DEWALT® tape measure with double sided print, providing added versatility for vertical and overhead measuring from any angle. Each TOUGHSERIES™ tape includes a removable magnet utilizing patented hook connection technology as well as a contoured case design for improved grip and control. Available in 16 ft. (DWHT36916S), 25 ft. (DWHT36925S), and 35 ft. lengths (DWHT36935S), TOUGHSERIES™ tapes have up to 17’ max reach that is straighter and stronger than previous models allowing users to measure large spans while working alone.

**Usable after 100′ drop onto packed soil.


DEWALT TOUGHSERIES Hammer 5X More Durable Grip

Also included in the TOUGHSERIES™ line are the redesigned 14 oz. (DWHT51138X) and 12 oz. (DWHT51135X) Mig Welded Hammers, and a 22 oz. Demolition Hammer (DWHT51008). Each hammer is coated with an anti-slip, tear resistant grip that is 5X more durable*** than previous models as well as a magnetic nail starter for one-handed nail placement. The 14 oz. and 12 oz. Mig Welded Hammers incorporate a streamlined design that is lightweight yet impactful. The 14 oz. hammer’s strike is comparable to that of a 28 oz. hammer, while the 12 oz. hammer’s strike it comparable to a 20 oz. hammer, each delivering a fast swing. Fully composed of steel for durability and long life, the TOUGHSERIES™ Mig Welded hammers are ideal for driving or removing nails and striking or adjusting materials, while the hammers’ optimal weight distribution reduces arm fatigue during prolonged work.

The TOUGHSERIES™ 22oz. Demo Hammer is the all-in-one tool designed for tough residential and commercial demolition jobs. The hammer boasts a long handle for extended reach, an oversized strike face for breaking through drywall, and an elongated claw curve for easy prying of nails and board grabbing utility. In addition, Tri-Pull™ technology provides versatility to remove finish nails, framing nails, and staples.

***5X grip durability compared to DWHT51453, DWHT51064 and DWHT51366



Lastly, launching in the TOUGHSERIES™ line are a complete range of screwdrivers. All screwdrivers utilize a black chrome coating for 10X more corrosion resistance and magnetic MAX FIT® precision machined tips to help reduce camout and maximize fit within the fastener. The 2-Piece Demo Screwdriver Set also features a solid steel core and strike cap.

Black chrome plated for 10X corrosion resistance compared to DWHT62290

Eco-Friendly Tape Packaging

DEWALT is also proud to announce new sustainable TOUGHSERIES™ tape packaging. Designed to reduce the amount of plastic packaging introduced to the waste stream, DEWALT is implementing an eco-friendly clip-card estimated to eliminate 10,000 lbs. of PVC per year, or the equivalent of more than 400,000 0.5L water bottles that will be diverted from landfills and oceans. Sustainable TOUGHSERIES™ tape packaging is a significant step towards Stanley Black & Decker’s corporate pledge to make all packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by the year 2025.

I suspect that construction workers and DIYers alike will love this new lineup of rugged tools. Do you plan to fill your toolbox with them? Let us know your experience with the DEWALT TOUGHSERIES hand tools in the comments below!

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