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Nicholson 4-in-1 Hand Rasp and File

Nicholson 4-in-1 Hand Rasp and File

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If you have a tile project in the works, you’re also likely planning to install cement board. Cement board provides a strong foundation as a backing for tile. I’ve installed cement board in several of my projects, including my recent Jeffrey Court renovation challenge.

The Nicholson 4-in-1 hand rasp and file from Crescent is handy tool to use when working with cement board. I’ll explain why below!

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Cutting Cement Board

Cutting cement board with a utility knife.

As with any DIY project, utilizing the right tools for the job is essential if you want to make it easier on yourself. When working with cement board, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to make cuts to fit the workspace area on your wall.

You could use a circular saw with a carbide-tipped blade. The cutting process would be quicker, but the saw will put out a ton of dust that you do not want to breathe in. If you decide to use a circular saw, be sure to wear a mask!

Believe it or not, a utility knife is great option for cutting cement board. After you mark your cut line, all you have to do is place a straight edge along the line and use a utility knife to score the line a few times. After the line is scored, simply snap the board along the cut line. You might need to score the line a few more times on the folded line on back side of the board to completely separate the two pieces.

Whichever method you use to make a cut in your cement board, you want to make sure the cut edges are nice and clean. This is especially true if you use a utility knife as the cut edges will be more jagged. That’s where the Nicholson 4-in-1 hand rasp and file from Crescent comes in handy.

Nicholson 4-in-1 Hand Rasp and File

Hand Rasp and File

The Nicholson 4-in-1 hand rasp and file is a very versatile tool to have in your toolbox. There’s two files and two coarse rasps. One side of the tool is flat, and one side is half-rounded. Thus, you have two different shapes of files and rasps for use in your projects.

Use this rasp/file combo tool to file down and clean the cut edges of your cement board. This will allow your cement board pieces to butt up against each other tightly on the wall, eliminating gaps. For this, I use the rasp portion of this tool.

You can watch me demonstrate the use of the Nicholson 4-in-1 hand rasp and file over on Instagram.

What do you use this handy tool for? Tell us in the comments below!

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