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PPE: DIYers Should Use Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

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Taking on DIY projects can be rewarding in several ways. Not only can handling a project yourself save you money, but a completed project can bring a satisfying feeling of accomplishment… just to name a few benefits.

Of course, in order to complete that DIY project, you need the right tools for the job. Equally important to having the right tools is wearing the right personal protective equipment, or PPE. What is PPE and why is it so important?

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The Importance of PPE

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, PPE “is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses.” Common PPE are safety glasses, gloves, masks, ear protection, and more.

Protective items like these are a common sight on professional jobsites, as they should be, but the average DIYer at home might neglect these essential items. After all, why worry about the fuss of PPE when all you’re doing is working on a project around the house? You might think to yourself: “It’ll be fine.”

However, as many DIYers, including me, can attest, it may not be fine. Injuries at home can be just as severe and devastating as if it were on a jobsite. A foreign object in the eye, breathing in dust particles, exposure to loud noise, and other dangers can alter your life in an instant, and not for the better. No one wants end up in the hospital or to suffer the long-term effects of prolonged exposure to toxic dust, chemicals, or other elements.

Essential Resources

How much better it is, then, to use caution and to wear PPE that’s appropriate to the project you’re working on. That might take a bit of research on your part to ensure that the PPE you purchase will adequately protect you. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides expert guidance and training on the appropriate use and selection of PPE. Here are some additional quick links:

OSHA also provides guidance to help you ensure that your PPE fits properly for maximum protection. A mask or a pair of safety glasses wont do you any good if they they’re too loose!


Again, you should do your own research to determine which PPE is right for your particular needs. The products below are the personal protective equipment that I have chosen to protect me, and some of the retailers you can buy them from.


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Firm Grip Full Grain Leather Impact Gloves

Firm Grip Trade Master Gloves

Firm Grip Flex Impact Gloves

Firm Grip Nitrile Gloves


3M Safety Glasses


RZ Mask Dust Mask

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Ear Muff

3M Earmuff

What personal protective equipment do you use? Feel free to tell us about your go-to equipment in the comments below.

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