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Printable Penguin Craft: Winter Shape Fun

Winter Penguin Shape Crafts

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Our kids absolutely love winter-themed crafts! Combine that with their favorite winter bird, penguins, and they’ve got the makings of fun DIY project.

They’ve probably watched every cartoon and documentary that features them. I think if it were possible, they’d have several dozen as pets.

With that said, here’s a fun winter penguin craft idea for the kids that involves utilizing simple shapes. My wife (at Our Homemade Life) came up with this idea and it’s a project our kids love.

So grab your Fiskars paper craft tools and read on to see how we made this printable penguin craft!

Making The Printable Penguin Craft

  • Painting With Watercolors
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Printable Penguin Craft Shapes
  • Cutting the Printable Penguin Crafts With The SureCut 12? Deluxe Paper Trimmer
  • Using The Fiskars Easy Change Detail Craft Knife + Blade
  • Printable Penguin Craft Pieces
  • Gluing The Penguin Pieces
  • Gluing The Penguin Crafts

See our process photos above.

To begin, we had the kids paint with bright watercolors on a sheet of card stock paper to create a Northern Lights backdrop. This is a great opportunity to let their imagination shine!

While the paint dried, mommy and I printed out the shapes (get your free penguin printables at Our Homemade Life) and cut them out using these Fiskars crafting tools: 

  • Premier 8″ Orange Handled Scissors
  • Premier 8″ Fashion Sparkle Scissors – Gold
  • SureCut 12″ Deluxe Paper Trimmer
  • Easy Change Detail Craft Knife + Blade
  • 18″ X 24″ Folding Cutting Mat

We’ve used Fiskars crafting scissors, knives, and mats for years for our DIY craft projects. They are simply the best for precise cuts. And as a family of 6, buying products that are built to last is a must. Not only do Fiskars tools last, but they are also backed by a full lifetime warranty.

After sorting the pieces and letting them decide placement, our kids used either a bottle of kids glue or a glue stick to attach the individual pieces together and onto the Northern Lights backdrop.

The penguins can also be glued to cards or not be attached to anything at all. The choice is yours!

What Will You Craft With Fiskars?

  • Penguin Art
  • Printable Penguin Craft
  • Finishing The Printable Penguin Crafts

Are you planning to create your own printable penguin crafts for your kids? I’d love to hear about your project in the comments below! And don’t forget to pick up your own Fiskars crafting tools for your project!

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