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Renovation Issues: Expect The Unexpected

Kitchen Backsplash Renovation

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My Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge has been fun these past several weeks, but like all home renovations, mine has included a few unexpected issues that have caused delays. Renovation issues rob time that I’d spend on scheduled tasks.

And lost time causes my stress level to rise!

I still feel confident that my 6-week renovation challenge deadline will be met, but I may have to drop a few planned projects. We’ll see. Right now, I’m anxious to start tiling, and I’m just about ready.

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Electrical Renovation Issues

Electrical Wiring Renovation Issues

Last week, I shared with you the various electrical issues facing me and my list of goals. Indeed, my main headache the past week was caused by problems with the old wiring in our home. Whoever wired this house back in the 80’s did a terrible job. I’ve spent just as much time fixing things as I have adding new circuits.

Thankfully, I have completed the electrical rough-in. Now all that’s left is to install the outlets above the countertops after the tile is set and the chandelier installation. But fixing these electrical issues persisted into most of week 4.

I’m now racing to complete all of the prep needed for the glass mosaic tile installation.

Time Is Not On My Side!

Sanding a kitchen cabinet with my Dewalt orbital sander.

My Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge deadline is two weeks from today. I have 14 days to complete the following planned projects:

  • Taping the concrete board.
  • Priming and painting the ceiling.
  • Installing, grouting, and sealing the glass mosaic tile.
  • Installing the wall-mounted range hood.
  • Installing all electrical devices and the chandelier.
  • Finishing the pallet wood accent above the cabinets.
  • Installing crown molding.
  • Refinishing the concrete countertops.
  • Repainting the cabinet doors.

Of course, there’s lots of little things to do in addition to the main projects. I also have a few surprise DIY projects planned but they may or may not happen before the deadline.

Guess I’ll be getting up earlier and earlier every day to get these things done!

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