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Repurposed Window Sash Note Board Key Rack Combo

A repurposed window sash is now a note board key rack combo.

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Repurposing an old, forgotten item and giving it new life is so fun!

Not too long ago, I was doing some work in the crawlspace under my house and found an old window sash. Some might have considered it to be garbage, but I was excited when I found it. I quickly brought it back to my shop like someone who had just discovered an ancient treasure.

I’ve only owned this home for six years, so who knows how long the window sash sat before I found it. It was pretty rickety. The wood was in decent condition but unfortunately, the glass was long gone.

So, having found a forgotten treasure, I put it away for a future DIY project: a repurposed window sash.

Little did I know, the perfect opportunity to repurpose this little gem was just around the corner.

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Rust-Oleum Trash to Treasure Challenge

An old window sash I found in the crawlspace under my house.

The Trash to Treasure Challenge is a fun, recurring DIY project competition for Rust-Oleum Creator’s Studio members. After a week or so of brainstorming ideas, I decided to turn my old window sash into a note board/key rack combo for our family.

Indeed, our repurposed window sash is now a fully-functional item that our family uses every day.

See my listing over at the Rust-Oleum Creator’s Studio for the steps on how I transformed my repurposed window sash.

My Repurposed Window Sash Process In Photos

  • Sanding an old window sash with a Dewalt orbital sander.
  • Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint And Chalk Board Spray Paint
  • Hand sanding an old window sash with Gator sandpaper.
  • Spraying Rust-Oleum Chalk Board spray paint onto plywood.
  • Cutting lauan board for the old window sash.
  • Gluing the plywood chalk board onto the old window sash.
  • Fitting the lauan and plywood into the old window sash.
  • Using cork roll for the window sash note board.
  • Our keys hand from screw hooks.

Have you repurposed and old window sash? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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