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Rust-Oleum Celebrates 100 Years Of Coating Excellence

Rust-Oleum Celebrates 100 Years

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Rust-Oleum has been my go-to brand for spray paint and other coatings for 20+ years. When I need to buy more, I don’t even say that I need spray paint; I just say that I need to buy some Rust-Oleum. It’s a no-brainer.

I wasn’t surprised when I found out that this year, in 2021, Rust-Oleum celebrates 100 years of innovative and high-quality products. If a company has lasted that long, their products must be great. Not only that, but they surely must make a real connection with their customers.

In this article, I want to share some of my favorite Rust-Oleum products that I’ve used over the years and some of the projects I’ve used them on. I’ll also tell you how to join the official online Rust-Oleum communities.

Rust-Oleum Celebrates 100 Years

Rust-Oleum 100 Years Can

In 1921, sea captain Robert Fergusson noticed that fish oil prevented rust from forming on his ship’s metal deck. Working with a chemist, Fergusson developed one of the world’s first rust-preventive paints and Rust-Oleum was born. Starting with just 24 colors of paint, Rust-Oleum has grown to be a global leader in manufacturing innovative coatings that empower do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. We strive to honor the same innovative spirit that started Rust-Oleum a century ago in all our categories, including small project paints, cleaners, primers, automotive, industrial, high-performance coatings, wood care and more.

– Rust-Oleum

Even in the beginning, Rust-Oleum provided a nice selection of products (24 colors!) to choose from. Today, Rust-Oleum and their family of brands provide a vast array of coatings for just about any project need. You might be surprised at how many brands are in fact part of the Rust-Oleum family. Here’s just a few:

My Experience With Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint And Chalk Board Spray Paint

Over the years, I’ve worked as both a professional and a DIYer. From working on a jobsite to building a project in my garage, Rust-Oleum products have never let me down. Not surprisingly, their gloss black enamel spray paint is probably the one that I’ve used the most. A close second has to be their linen white chalked paint.

Here are a few of my DIY projects that feature the use of Rust-Oleum products.

Join the Rust-Oleum Creator’s Studio and Rusto Garage

Using a Dremel to carve letters into my Rust-Oleum shop sign.

The Rust-Oleum Creator’s Studio and Rusto Garage are two of my favorite online DIY communities. These are official Rust-Oleum communities that feature surveys, product review opportunities, DIY project challenges, and the ability to connect with other Rust-Oleum product users and experts.

They’re free to join! This is such a great way for a brand to connect with their customers and the DIY community in general. I’ve learned so much and have competed in a few of their DIY project challenges:

In short, Rust-Oleum is one of my favorite brands ever, and they make one of my most-used products. Congratulations on 100 years; here’s to another 100!

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