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Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2022

Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2022

Are you looking for color inspiration for your upcoming paint project? Wondering about what colors are expected to trend in 2022?

The Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2022 is live and it features 40 colors from 4 main palettes: Method, Opus, Dreamland, and Ephemera.

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Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2022

Method, Opus, Dreamland, and Ephemera, or MODE, is a collection curated by the experts at Sherwin-Williams. They consist of 40 colors that are expected to trend in 2022.

A way of being, of doing, of embracing the style of the moment. When the life we know becomes something brand-new, we adapt, grow, and settle into an entirely new way of existing. This is your invitation to do so creatively, with intention, in a way only you know how. As we move from a place of stillness and begin to expand and explore beyond the familiar, our global forecast team has endeavored to find new ways to uncover the moods in our hearts and the messages on our minds—and to bring it all forth in truly captivating color.



  • Method
    • Art Deco
    • Intention
    • Modern Organic
    • Postmodernism
  • Opus
    • Modern Maximalism
    • Glam Industrial
    • Theater
    • Moody Eclectic
  • Dreamland
    • Biomimicry
    • Renewal
    • Eco-Style
    • Wellness
  • Ephemera
    • Nostalgia
    • Retro Futurism
    • Meaning and Memory
    • Optimism

MODE Colors

ColorColor CodeLocation Number
Über UmberSW 9107 203-C7
Woven WickerSW 9104 203-C4
Natural LinenSW 9109205-C1
Shoji WhiteSW 7042254-C4
Bakelite GoldSW 6368128-C4
Sierra RedwoodSW 7598125-C7
Rose TanSW 0069n/a
BeigeSW 2859n/a
AlabasterSW 7008255-C2
RejuvenateSW 6620118-C4
Red BaySW 6321113-C7
Coral ClaySW 9005114-C4
Pink ShadowSW 0070n/a
Lite LavenderSW 6554189-C1
DynamoSW 6841102-C6
Garret GraySW 6075242-C6
Cocoa WhipSW 9084198-C4
Accessible BeigeSW 7036249-C1
RoséSW 6290109-C3
BlackberrySW 7577109-C7
Urbane BronzeSW 7048245-C7
Felted WoolSW 9171245-C4
Cucuzza VerdeSW 9038155-C4
ChartreuseSW 0073n/a
Peace YellowSW 2857n/a
Iron OreSW 7069251-C7
Moody BlueSW 6221219-C5
Samovar SilverSW 6233222-C2
High Reflective WhiteSW 7757256-C1
LullabySW 9136221-C1
NavalSW 6244253-C6
Inky BlueSW 9149223-C6
AleutianSW 6241224-C3
Agreeable GraySW 7029243-C1
Frank BlueSW 6967176-C3
CascadesSW 7623279-C1
RosemarySW 6187215-C6
Evergreen FogSW 9130215-C4
LoggiaSW 7506248-C2
Basque GreenSW 6426154-C7

Do you plan to use a color from the Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2022? Let us know your choices in the comments below!

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