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Simple Home Quarantine Project Ideas

Cardboard Box Drone Base

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Like many families, during most of 2020 we’ve stayed at home with very little physical interaction with the outside world.

If you’re a DIY-er like me, you probably haven’t wanted to venture out to places like the hardware store. I have a compromised immune system, so for me, the risk is too great.

We’ve come to rely more on online purchases, and for the most part, I can find what I need for my projects on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or The Home Depot.

With that said, I’d love to share five simple home quarantine project ideas with you! These are accessible projects that don’t require lots of tools or supplies. If you do need something, it’s likely just a simple online order away!

Simple Home Quarantine Project Ideas

The articles below range from cardboard crafts to slightly more difficult home projects.

How To Build A Cardboard Box Drone Base

Cardboard Box Drone Base

This is a fun project to take on with the kids with very few tools and supplies required. They can really let their imagination go wild with this one.

You can choose how big you want the overall layout to be, the size boxes, and the overall color scheme of the “parking lot”. Grab a glue gun, some glue, cardboard, crayons, a pencil, and some paper and start crafting!

DIY Project: Cardboard Box Gas Station

Simple Home Quarantine Project Ideas

This is another fun crafting project that your kids will love. I used to make mobile play areas for my toy cars like this as a kid. Now I’m teaching my kids how to make them too!

Like the cardboard box drone base, this project requires only a small amount of tools and supplies.

How To Make A Simple Hat Rack

Simple Home Quarantine Project Ideas

This project is about as simple as you can get… some screws and a 1×4. But it’s an easy and inexpensive way to store your hats, out of the way, in your closet.

Use An Upcycled Pallet To Store Yard Tools

Upcycled Pallet For Yard Tool Storage

This project is slightly more difficult than the previous three, involving more tools, but it’s a great way to store yard tools in your garage.

All you need is a pallet and some 2×4’s to create a slim storage solution for shovels, rakes, brooms, and much more!

Upgrade Your Garage Floor With Rust-Oleum


Looking for an easy weekend project that will completely change the look of your garage? Look no further than this floor coating project!

Rust-Oleum?s RockSolid Polycuramine? and EpoxyShield coatings look great and provide a long-lasting finish.

I hope these simple home quarantine project ideas provide you with the inspiration you’re looking for!

If you take one of these projects on, or if you have other ideas you’re considering, please let me know in the comments below!

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