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Spring Has Arrived: Time To Bring Out My RYOBI Outdoors Tools!


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It’s that time of year again!

We live in a small rural town and have LOTS of trees and a decent sized yard. Once March rolls around, the trees and flowers start to bloom, all the little critters and bugs start to appear, and the grass starts to grow nonstop until the winter months.

Yard tools are a must for any homeowner who wants to keep their yard maintained and looking great. For years we’ve owned the typical gas-powered tools such as push-mowers and weed eaters, and I can’t tell you how many we’ve gone through.

Dealing with machines that constantly break down even though they’re maintained is such a hassle, as is having to go to the gas station to keep them gassed up.

All of that has changed for us! Now I keep my yard maintained with my:

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RYOBI Outdoor Tools


The mower uses two 18v lithium batteries, which gives me about 45 minutes of mowing on one charge. That works perfectly fine for me, as my front and back yard isn’t that large (1/2 acre).

I usually take a break during charge time or work on something else in the yard. And because my mower, weed eater, and pole saw are all part of the RYOBI One+ family, I can use the same batteries for each tool, and even for my other power tools!

As far as power is concerned, I’m very impressed with all three of my tools… I personally don’t see or feel a difference between these battery operated tools and my former gas tools. In fact, I think my RYOBI weed eater is far better than any gas-powered one I’ve ever used!

I love the quick start on all three of these tools, and the fact that I no longer have to worry about gassing them up, or all of the hassles associated with gas powered tools.

I’ve used RYOBI tools for over 15 years, and because of my VERY positive experience with them all, I heartily recommend both the brand and, now, their outdoors tools as well.

3 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived: Time To Bring Out My RYOBI Outdoors Tools!”

  1. Hi Bryan,
    Can you tell me how to set up the batteries for the Ryobi riding lawn mower, model 48130? Unfortunately most YouTube videos show only the larger mower. My husband died of Covid and the batteries died out. My son took the batteries out and did not take a photo on how to reconnect them. It’s under warranty but I live in a rural area in FL and would gave drive 70 miles one way to get it fixed. It is under warranty. Thank you.

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