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The Essential Starter Kit Every New Homeowner Should Have

New Homeowner Kit

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com. All opinions are my own.

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Buying a house for the first time can be one of life’s grand adventures! A new homeowner has so much to do, not only from the financial aspect of things, but also in preparing and cleaning the new house, moving and unpacking, and finally, transforming your new house into a home.

Arranging and rearranging a living space is one of my favorite things to do. It truly is fun to figure out where to place the furniture and all of the decor, like pictures and other treasures. Eventually, all of your hard work is rewarded once your new house turns into your new cozy home!

Creating a comfortable living space also requires essential supplies like household cleaners and equipment. Equally important for most people is having access to the right technology, so you can (1) stay connected with family and friends and (2) be able to take care of your other tech needs.

I’ve teamed up with BabbleBoxx to talk about five essential items every new homeowner should have as they begin their new adventures in their new home!

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My Cloud Home from Western Digital

New Homeowner Kit WD My Cloud Home

All homeowners have to deal with proper storage. Great closet space is a must for a clutter-free home. The same is true for technology. Storage for photos, videos, and files are a concern for anyone with tech devices like phones, tablets, computers, and digital cameras.

If you’re like me, you routinely max out your phone storage with pictures and videos. My laptop is my other main tech companion, as I take all of my photos and edit them in Photoshop before they’re uploaded to this blog.

I always keep copies of the final images, though, in the event of a catastrophic blog failure, but I’d rather not have them piled up in my laptop.

A great personal cloud storage solution is the My Cloud Home from Western Digital.

Imagine.. Your own personal cloud storage that you can access anywhere with an internet connection, from a storage device that you can see and touch! This spectacular machine simply plugs into your home WiFi router and VOILA! After an easy set-up via mobile app, all your content can be managed, uploaded and accessed via that mobile app, desktop app, or MyCloud.com with no monthly fee required.

We have the My Cloud Home in our home and I’m loving it! It’s great to have a central place to store my files and the ability to use my phone and laptop to access them. My wife has her own personal cloud storage too that she can access through her devices thanks to the ability to create multiple accounts, again with no fees.

The WD My Cloud Home is available at popular retailers around the world such as my favorite, Best Buy, with U.S. MSRPs of 2TB/$159.99, 3TB/$179.99, 4TB/$199.99, 6TB/$259.99 and 8TB/$319.99.

Comet Bleach Powder and Foaming Bath Spray

New Homeowner Kit Comet

So this is simply THE go-to cleaning product for every new homeowner. Growing up, my grandma used Comet powder, my mom used Comet powder, and now I use both Comet powder and the foaming bath spray to keep our kitchen and bathrooms clean.

Keeping places clean in our home is no easy task. We have four kids and they seem to do their absolute best to keep mommy and daddy busy cleaning! There’s always Comet in our cleaning supply storage area to keep our kitchen and bathrooms clean.

Be sure to visit http://www.cometcleaner.com/ for the best in kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner!

Duck Brand Easy Liner

New Homeowner Kit Duck Easy Liner

This year we’re going to renovate our kitchen, which will involve refinishing our cabinets with new paint and hardware. Once they’re refinished, our Smooth Top Easy Liner’s will look even better inside!

Sure, washing your dishes is essential, but storing your clean dishes properly is just as important. These liners have easy-to-wipe surfaces, in case a clean-up inside your cabinets is necessary. Our four kids usually make it necessary for us to clean inside the cabinets!

Visit http://bit.ly/EastLinerBBxx to learn more about these awesome liners.

Waterpik Shower Heads

New Homeowner Kit Waterpik

For me, there’s nothing like a hot shower on cold days or a cool shower during the hot summer months. A great shower head makes it even better, and thanks to Waterpik, there are shower heads that create a powerful and invigorating massage while you wash!

If your home has a boring shower head that sprays water no better than a kinked garden hose, check out the Brushed Nickel PowerSpray Fixed Mount Shower Head with PowerPulse Massage.

I removed the old shower head and installed this one in under five minutes. In five minutes I was able to completely change the feel of showering from ordinary to spectacular!

Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug

New Homeowner Kit Wemo Mini WiFi Smart Plug

This is one of the coolest little devices to have to easily turn your house into a smart home! Just plug the Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug into an outlet, setup via mobile app, and plug in a lamp or appliance into the Smart Plug. You can now control that light or appliance from anywhere in the world from your phone or tablet… No hub or subscription required!

You set schedules and timers for that lamp or appliance, and even control Wemo with your voice if you have Amazon Echo or Google Home.

These Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plugs will give us more peace of mind while traveling because we can now control anything that’s plugged into them from anywhere!

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