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The FreeForm Paint Brush: A New Way To Paint

Painting with the FreeForm brush.

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From painting furniture to cutting in walls and ceilings, I’ve used a paint brush for years. You likely have too.

Attention to detail is essential when painting. Because of this, I tend to really clamp down on a paint brush for control, especially when cutting in paint. I do enjoy painting but I deal with hand fatigue and finger cramps after using a paint brush for a while.

I’ve recently discovered a new paint brush that completely changes how you grip a brush for reduced fatigue: The FreeForm paint brush.

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FreeForm Paint Brush

FreeForm Brushes

The patented design of the FreeForm Grip-Free Paintbrush is truly revolutionary – it places the weight on top of the hand rather than the fingers. This allows the arm to carry the weight, reducing strain and fatigue and improving accuracy by allowing the fingers to simply guide the brush.

– FreeForm

Have you seen these unique paint brushes? The FreeForm paint brush handle is designed to change how you grip a paint brush.

It took me some time to adjust to the handle design but once I got going, I could definitely feel the difference in my hands and fingers. They didn’t feel fatigued as usual.

I’m predominately right-handed but there are times when I use my left hand to paint, especially if I’m in a tight space or using an awkward stance. Just like a regular brush, the FreeForm paint brush is suitable for both left-hand and right-hand use.

These angled brushes are currently available in 1.5″, 2″, and 2.5″ sizes.

You should try these out! Head over to your local Walmart store or Walmart online to get your FreeForm paint brush.

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  1. hi brian, i just watched a episode of billion dollar idea and ben is saying the reason he did not pick this product is because he is afraid people might not like the price point or be willing to pay the extra, i have a idea on the product that could make it compete against any traditional paint brush or even be less, how would i get a email to gregg or some one in the company to discuss this ?? thank u

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