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Use An Upcycled Pallet To Store Yard Tools

Upcycled Pallet For Yard Tool Storage

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Are you looking to organize your garage or shop this summer?

Here’s an easy and low-cost way to organize your yard tools. Simply mount an upcycled pallet on your wall and place your various yard tools inside it. The front surface of the pallet also has plenty of room to hang additional tools. This is organization and convenience!

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First, find your wall space and choose a pallet.

Instead of mounting my pallet directly to the wall, I chose to first mount three 2x4s, making sure that they would run exactly where the rear pallet planks would butt up against them. Make sure you locate studs, then screw your 2x4s to the wall. This way you can screw the pallet to the 2x4s exactly how you want instead of the drywall, thus not having to worry about studs.

I filled up the inside of the upcycled pallet with my long-handled tools such as rakes, brooms and shovels. You can add lots of smaller tools to the front of the pallet by hanging them on wood screws.

Tools like axes, hedge trimmers, and tree pruners can be displayed nicely for easy access on the front of your pallet. I even found some room for our kiddie tools too.

That’s it! This is an easy DIY project and great space saver. Tell us in the comments if you mounted your own upcycled pallet for yard tool storage!

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