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Vigoro Rockdale Fence Gate and Deer Barrier Installation

Vigoro Deer Barrier

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  • Head over to The Home Depot blog to see my full Vigoro Rockdale fence gate and deer barrier installation.

We’ve created garden in our backyard every Spring for many years. Eating fruit and vegetables that’s grown in our own garden brings a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. And the produce always tastes better when it’s home-grown!

However, dealing with pests and critters comes with the territory. Thanks to the massive selection of gardening tools, materials, and plants at The Home Depot, we’re able to create an attractive, productive garden. It’s no wonder the local critters want a bite of our fruits and vegetables!

We like critters, but not when they feast in our garden. This year, we chose to install a Vigoro Rockdale fence gate and Vigoro Polypropylene Deer Block Netting, which are exclusive to The Home Depot.

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Vigoro Rockdale Fence Gate and Deer Barrier

Vigoro Rockdale Fence Gate

We wanted to add the extra protection that a gate and deer block netting can provide in addition to an existing fence that surrounds our garden. In our experience, this netting also helps to keep rabbits and other critters out too. The Vigoro Rockdale fence gate adds a bit of style as well as a barrier against unwanted animal guests.

Installing these two Vigoro products from The Home Depot wasn’t difficult at all. Please head over to The Home Depot blog for this full project reveal!

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