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What’s In My Shop: Tools and PPE

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It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I dove head first into being a DIY-er. My wife and I purchased our first house and it was a fixer-upper. Because of my construction background, I knew how to take on some of the remodeling, but the rest of it I had to just figure out.

I made mistakes along the way but it was such a great experience. We’re now in our second house and it too is full of remodel opportunities. Thankfully, most of the work we’ve done and still plan to do is just cosmetic in nature.

One major upgrade in this house that I’m very thankful for is my shop space. In our prior home, all I had was a small shed with no doors, a rotten wood floor, and a leaky roof. Now I have an entire garage to utilize for a shop and storage.

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What’s In My Shop

DEWALT Atomic Impact Driver

My shop situation may be like yours: It’s in a constant state of change. Tools and materials come and go, and the floor layout is never the same.

Most of my hand tools are hanging up on pegboard above my workbench. Other small tools and supplies are kept underneath the workbench. The bigger stuff like the miter saw and table saw are kept assembled on the floor.

I’ve posted some of the tools I currently own below. I’ve also linked to their retail product pages at if you’re interested in buying them yourself.

What’s In My Shop: Saws

What’s In My Shop: Drills


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